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Dmitry Dibrov became the father of four

Dmitry Dibrov became the father of fourDmitry Dibrov became a father for the 4th time. 23-year-old wife of the showman gave birth to a son, who even before his birth it was decided to call Fedor. The boy was born a real hero - 56 cm and almost 4 100,Birth Polina took the chief obstetrician-gynecologist of the Moscow - mark Kurtser. By the way, he took birth and the surrogate mom of twins Alla Pugacheva.Newborn baby, of course, in no way will need. For example, Dmitry spoils his family. Specially for his wife and 3-year-old son Sasha, he acquired the latest technical innovation company "Yamaha" - piano 1.5 million. Read more -->

"Tractor" was released in the Gagarin Cup final

Chelyabinsk "Tractor" was released in the Gagarin Cup final, the official website of the KHL. In the decisive seventh game of the semifinal series with "AK Bars", held in Kazan, Chelyabinsk won with the score 2:1. "Tractor" opened the scoring in the 32nd minute of the game, implementing the numerical majority; the puck at his own expense recorded by Vladimir Antipov. Kazan managed to equalize the score in the 55th minute thanks to the precise throw Janne Personen.This is an incomplete text of the news. . . Read more -->

Zhanna Friske is on the mend

Zhanna Friske is on the mendLast week as a bolt from the blue came the news that Zhanna Friske terminally ill. The singer discovered a malignant brain tumor - primary glioblastoma.Many people volunteered to help with this trouble. Specifically in support Janna Friske Respond began to collect money for the treatment of a sick singer.Now Janna started to recover. According to doctors, this tumor does not give metastases and amenable to surgical and radiation treatment. Itself Jeanne also not going to surrender this severe disease, it is a great effort of will gets up from the bed and slowly walks across the chamber.Friske confident that she'll win the insidious disease. His father, Vladimir Borisovich it said "Folder, we will win this game"". Read more -->

Native stewardess Olga Kabanova: "She just got married...""

Native stewardess Olga Kabanova: Bulat was so cheerful, full of energy...Never remained indifferent even to a stranger to his people...Always greeted us with a smile and warm hugs, - told "KP" friend of the deceased in the crash Bulat Safin.According to her, the 27-year-old poet, a native of Kazan, and went to Moscow for work. The ticket for the ill-fated flight "Moscow-Kazan" he took at the last moment - just a few hours before departure. The guy was not going until the small Home.He had planned from Moscow to fly to Sochi, his work was connected with the organization of the upcoming Olympics. But at the last moment trip fell through, and he decided to return to Kazan. It's all just a providential coincidence, " said our interlocutor.Photo: RIA NovostiAnd another one killed, 25-year-old stewardess Olga Kabanova, recently began a new life.- Olenka was so clean, bright man. In the spring I got married - they've met, and now decided to get married. Read more -->

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