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Children derbyshkinskii house not poisoned food and not water

Children derbyshkinskii house not poisoned food and not waterLast Sunday another 13 people from derbyshkinskii orphanage were hospitalized. And this time, the adults, namely the staff of the institution, three Tutors and 10 nurses.According to the Deputy chief physician of the children's division of infectious diseases hospital Yulia Urmancheeva, in hospitalized employees was identified as the cause of the infection, but clinical signs of disease are observed. Will be more tests, and take preventive medical measures.AND WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?In the intensive care unit "infectioni" is one child in critical condition. As explained Urmancheyeva, intestinal infections in positive dynamics, heavy condition by major diseases, the pupil of the boarding house with cerebral palsy and pneumonia.Just at the moment in the hospital for 30 children. 16 of them were hospitalized with clinical manifestations of infection. Another 14 - for dynamic monitoring, and final diagnosis. Read more -->

In Kazan started the Cup of Russia in swimming

In Kazan started the Cup of Russia in swimmingRepresentative competitions began in the new Palace of water sports. The tournament opened with a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack during a marathon in Boston. Cup, a test event in the Universiade-2013. Swimmers are selected for a student of the game, as well as for the world Cup and European championship in swimming. It is expected that the "blue road" Kazan will be more than 750 athletes.This is an incomplete text of the news. . Read more -->

Thanks Tatarstan Prosecutor's office for rural children has a new kindergarten

Thanks Tatarstan Prosecutor's office for rural children has a new kindergartenAs a result of intervention of the Prosecutor's office in one of the buildings North Apakova thousand people of the district of Tatarstan, owned by the municipality, was overhauled. On the basis of the building created a children's garden.Today, kindergarten is put into operation. 13 children were his pupils, according to the Prosecutor's office of the Republic of Tajikistan.In court on the occasion of the Executive Committee of the municipal obligation to provide children with accessible and free pre-school education has asked the Prosecutor thousand people to the region.The reason for this was identified by the Prosecutor's violation of the rights of children to available pre-school education due to the lack of a kindergarten in North Apakova. As shown by the Prosecutor's examination, 13 children aged from 1 year to 7 years had not received preschool education.The court fully satisfied the demands of the Prosecutor and laid on the Executive Committee the responsibility to provide for children in pre-school education. . . Read more -->

Hotels in St. Petersburg

Hotels in St. Petersburg've been planning to visit St. Petersburg in the summer to see the fountains, to enjoy their variety, and of course to visit Peterhof and the Hermitage.Began to see, where to stay for a few days. Found the hotel to the Airport "Pulkovo" a 40 - minute drive from the Grand Hotel Europe St. Petersburg studied, number of rooms, what can I say, I need to look next.Will consider small hotels, just for our family of 3 people is the fact, moreover, that the room in General, plan to spend the night, the rest of the time we will be exploring the city and all the sights.Mini-hotels of St. Petersburg there are no clear divisions there as hotels, by level not inferior to expensive hotel giants, and hotels, economy class. Read more -->

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