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"Ruby" and "Rayo Vallecano" cannot agree on the transition Dominguez

General Director of "Rubin" Andrei Gromov third day is in Madrid, where he leads the negotiations with the leadership of the "Rayo Vallecano" about transfer of midfielder Alejandro Dominguez. Argentina, according to "Sport-Express", is ready to return to Kazan, but clubs can not solve the question about the conditions of the transaction.This is an incomplete text of the news. . . . . Read more -->

First points

First pointsSo that the world seemed beautiful, sunglasses does not necessarily have to be pink. Sometimes it is enough that they just были.lbomsochi.ruHow to explain to the child that he will have to wear glasses? How to convince to wear them? Because children's world is cruel. "Wearing glasses" and "four-eyes" is probably the most harmless that you can about yourself to hear the first time, those who yesterday so diligently with parents choosing the most beautiful and best in the world frame."You have me now, Professor," say loving mother, anxiously sending a child the next morning in the garden.- I'm a Professor, " cheerfully and proudly repeat shining son, head held high and smiling mother."Well, you freak! Four-eyes-glasses - will meet the children in the group. They are not to blame that react this way."No, I'm a Professor," with tears in his eyes, tries unsuccessfully to argue the child. "You don't understand: I'm a Professor, Professor, Professor - will repeat it like a mantra all hush, whisper and only for themselves.В© Cinemagraphic Ann Street Studio for Armani. . Read more -->

The development of acupuncture in the kindergarten Chistopol can result in a criminal case

The development of acupuncture in the kindergarten Chistopol can result in a criminal caseChistopol city Prosecutor's office has completed its review of the kindergarten "Thumbelina". The information provided by the parents of one of the students that one of the employees of this kindergarten was used unacceptable methods of education, in particular, for disobedience pricked children with a needle from a medical syringe, were confirmed. About IA "Tatar-inform" said the Prosecutor of the Department for supervision over execution of laws about underage and youth prosecution Alsu Mukhametshin.In particular, during the Prosecutor's investigation established that on August 22, 2013 the assistant teacher of the senior group that has experience working with children for over 9 years, for disobedience was pricked with a needle of a medical syringe in hand two 5-year-old kindergarten. After needlestick one of the boys started bleeding, it was washed away. Then this is the place treated with iodine.According to the results of the scan head of the Department of education Chistopol district Anvar Nabiullina, the city Prosecutor's office has made the idea of preventing such incidents in the future and disciplinary accountability of official persons.According to A. Muhametshin, assistant caregiver has committed illegal acts against children as a result of lack of supervision by the head of pre-school educational institutions and directly responsible for children's caregivers.Specific circumstances, reasons and intent will be installed to further test. Read more -->

The girl without hands and feet of Tatarstan received a trophy For his "will to win""

The girl without hands and feet of Tatarstan received a trophy For his 16-year-old Veronica Lazareva will really not take. The girl was born without arms and legs, the mother, the doctors said, refrain from your daughter, she will not survive.The woman signed a refusal by then she was already two-year-old daughter, the husband of the family was gone. But eight years later, when my mother was already a new family, a son was born, she found her and took her from the orphanage.Despite his physical disability, Veronica leads an active lifestyle. She attends the school (teachers praise that her handwriting is the best in the class!), playing the synth, not complex and is involved in the photo shoots.This year, the girl who passionately wants to travel the world, embarked on a difficult journey. Difficult in all senses: Veronica called in Saransk, on the festival of Amateur and creativity of persons with disabilities "On the wings of goodness and hope." Needed money for the trip, accompanied by...Organized the way to the festival, what is called the world. Still it is not without good people, as they say. Read more -->

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