Thanks Tatarstan Prosecutor's office for rural children has a new kindergarten

Thanks Tatarstan Prosecutor's office for rural children has a new kindergartenAs a result of intervention of the Prosecutor's office in one of the buildings North Apakova thousand people of the district of Tatarstan, owned by the municipality, was overhauled. On the basis of the building created a children's garden.Today, kindergarten is put into operation. 13 children were his pupils, according to the Prosecutor's office of the Republic of Tajikistan.In court on the occasion of the Executive Committee of the municipal obligation to provide children with accessible and free pre-school education has asked the Prosecutor thousand people to the region.The reason for this was identified by the Prosecutor's violation of the rights of children to available pre-school education due to the lack of a kindergarten in North Apakova. As shown by the Prosecutor's examination, 13 children aged from 1 year to 7 years had not received preschool education.The court fully satisfied the demands of the Prosecutor and laid on the Executive Committee the responsibility to provide for children in pre-school education. . . Read more -->

Hotels in St. Petersburg

Hotels in St. Petersburg've been planning to visit St. Petersburg in the summer to see the fountains, to enjoy their variety, and of course to visit Peterhof and the Hermitage.Began to see, where to stay for a few days. Found the hotel to the Airport "Pulkovo" a 40 - minute drive from the Grand Hotel Europe St. Petersburg studied, number of rooms, what can I say, I need to look next.Will consider small hotels, just for our family of 3 people is the fact, moreover, that the room in General, plan to spend the night, the rest of the time we will be exploring the city and all the sights.Mini-hotels of St. Petersburg there are no clear divisions there as hotels, by level not inferior to expensive hotel giants, and hotels, economy class. Read more -->

Hospitalized 32 pupil orphanage in Derbystar - TFR

Hospitalized 32 pupil orphanage in Derbystar - TFRThe number of children hospitalized in the Republican hospital for infectious diseases of Derbyshkinskii orphanage, increased to 32. This is now a correspondent of IA "Tatar-inform" said senior assistant SU TFR in the Republic of Tatarstan Andrey Sheptytsky.Recall that this morning the Minister of health of the RT Adel Vafin reported reported 29 hospitalized pupils of this orphanage.Meanwhile, the Ministry of labour, employment and social protection, in charge of this orphanage, decided to conduct a comprehensive inspection of all institutions under the Ministry. Earlier this instruction was given by President of Tatarstan, which keeps the situation under control."First and foremost will be tested institutions, which are children. Checks will be held with all interested ministries and departments. Including proposed public organizations registered in the Republic of Tatarstan, to be part of committees, conducting data validation", - told the correspondent of IA "Tatar-inform" press Secretary of the Ministry of labour, employment and social protection Raphael Giniyatullin.At the present time in offices Derbyshkinskii orphanage held deratization and disinfection treatment. In addition, the quarantine has been imposed and limited range coming to this institution, to prevent the spread of infection.Daily conducted a medical examination of pupils and employees of the orphanage engaged in the storage of food, cooking and dispensing of food, and other food service staff.Despite the situation, the evacuation of children from Derbyshkinskii orphanage is not planned. Read more -->

Newborn daughter of Anna Snatkina have problems

Newborn daughter of Anna Snatkina have problemsApril 18, Anna Snadinavia became a mother. The father of the child was the Victor Vasiliev - resident Comedy club and host of the show "Yesterday live". Gave birth Snatkina in one of the prestigious perinatal centers in the city of Moscow. The girl was born a strong growth of 57 cm, and weight 3480,As it turned out later, the child born by caesarean section, had problems with health. In the end, Anna and newborn left in the intensive care unit, and the father of the family was able to visit his girls 10 days. May holidays ladies spent in the hospital, and Victor visited them, bringing food and flowers, which is strictly prohibited in the hospital. Read more -->

Ekaterina Vilkova first showed the face of a daughter

Ekaterina Vilkova first showed the face of a daughterIn 2011, Ekaterina Vilkova parted with the status of a free woman. The actress married Ilya Lyubimov, known for the TV series "don't be born beautiful". 10 months after the triumph of the 27-year-old actress gave birth to her pervica.Elijah, being by nature not a very emotional person, reacted to this news quite calmly, no shouts of joy and crazy act was not happy."I showed him the test with two slips, and he said to me in response: "yeah, well done..." I may have cried somewhere in the area from what he didn't have much euphoria as I wanted... But now I see that more gentle, attentive and reverent father just can't be," said Vilkova.Daughter named rare name Paul. Parents first decided to show the face of his 2-year-old daughter and has been shot for the gloss. Now she is very happy and dreams of a couple of children. Read more -->

In Kazan in the Park "Black lake" 46-year-old pedophile raped 8-year-old boy

In Kazan in the Park In Kazan opened a criminal case against the 46-year-old Valeria Zinoviev, which is in the city centre raped 8-year-old boy, according to SU TFR in Tatarstan.As found by investigators, on the evening of July 30, Zinoviev in the Park "Black lake" in Kazan raped 8-year-old boy. About what happened, the child told his friend, who in turn asked for help was strolling close male friend. Latest arrested the attacker and called the place of the police.Guilt Zinoviev, previously brought to criminal liability for rape, was not recognized.Currently under investigation activities aimed at collecting and securing evidence. . . . Read more -->

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