And in Kazan "Indian summer""

And in Kazan Indian summer, in the classic sense of the word, we did not wait. However, according to the office of Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring of Tatarstan, the temperature this week is expected to be 5 degrees above normal, due to Northwest winds, which are "persecuting" the warm and humid air. Therefore, the weather would be, though relatively warm, but unstable, and enjoy the last little bit of heat periodically will prevent rain.Mainly zero temperature (slightly above zero) will be observed at night.Day in the first half of the week in Kazan and Tatarstan expected from 5 to 10 degrees. In the second half of the week in the West the air temperature will be 10 to 13 degrees.On October the weather is expected to be within normal limits. But precipitation this month will be less than it should be on meteorological standards.So, happy rainy "babua fly" comrades! Warmer already, most likely, will not.Tonight in Kazan from 5 to 7 degrees, tomorrow afternoon from 7 to 10. . Read more -->

Rating playgrounds, shopping centers Kazan according to 6-year-old child!

Rating playgrounds, shopping centers Kazan according to 6-year-old child!Adeline, age 6Going to preschool, from September will go to the first grade of school. Often in a variety of the shopping center with their parents. Kindly agreed to help us in the rankings playgrounds in shopping centers.1. MEGA"Mega" is positioning itself as a family shopping centre, so there's three areas for children. Two of them are in the center of the Mall, and one, the largest, near IKEA.Adeline:- I really liked it! The stage is large. Have a place to climb. Read more -->

Respect your child!

Respect your child!For too long we have treated children as second class people, as beings less important than adults. The idea is to show kids the same respect, what we expect from them, will seem, perhaps, strange parents who were brought up on the principle of "the child must be seen but not heard". I asked many adults, as they understood the phrase in childhood. And most of them answered that they meant that they were making a noise, and what they felt or what he wanted to say didn't matter.Adults often mistakenly believe that once children are younger than them and they have less knowledge and experience, they are not able to feel fine as we are. But kids the same feelings, only they are more vulnerable and more vulnerable beings. The same words or actions that hurt the soul of an adult and make you feel a lack of respect, render precisely the same impact on children. Read more -->

Anna Sedokova showed daughters closeup

Anna Sedokova showed daughters closeupAfter Ivan the stars, Vera Brezhneva and Leonid Agutin Anna Sedokova decided to show their daughters - the eldest Alina, born in 2004 and younger Monica, which came to light in 2011."These are two of the most inseparable of creation on the planet," writes the Project in his Twitter.- In my life there were many defeats and victories, but would never be anything I would definitely not have achieved if I didn't have my two guardian angels. They are with me, they support me with all my love. Am proud of my mother.)) And still would like to say an important thing.. Girls, children that's fine. And if you make the right choices in life, despite the difficulties, the heavens send you address issues))) I am with you. Above our beautiful noses )))". Read more -->

Children derbyshkinskii house not poisoned food and not water

Children derbyshkinskii house not poisoned food and not waterLast Sunday another 13 people from derbyshkinskii orphanage were hospitalized. And this time, the adults, namely the staff of the institution, three Tutors and 10 nurses.According to the Deputy chief physician of the children's division of infectious diseases hospital Yulia Urmancheeva, in hospitalized employees was identified as the cause of the infection, but clinical signs of disease are observed. Will be more tests, and take preventive medical measures.AND WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?In the intensive care unit "infectioni" is one child in critical condition. As explained Urmancheyeva, intestinal infections in positive dynamics, heavy condition by major diseases, the pupil of the boarding house with cerebral palsy and pneumonia.Just at the moment in the hospital for 30 children. 16 of them were hospitalized with clinical manifestations of infection. Another 14 - for dynamic monitoring, and final diagnosis. Read more -->

In Kazan started the Cup of Russia in swimming

In Kazan started the Cup of Russia in swimmingRepresentative competitions began in the new Palace of water sports. The tournament opened with a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack during a marathon in Boston. Cup, a test event in the Universiade-2013. Swimmers are selected for a student of the game, as well as for the world Cup and European championship in swimming. It is expected that the "blue road" Kazan will be more than 750 athletes.This is an incomplete text of the news. . Read more -->

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