The Ministry of Finance proposes to send women to retire at age 60

The Ministry of Finance proposes to send women to retire at age 60Finance Minister Anton Siluanov surprised: the retirement age is still to be lifted, he said Tuesday at a conference at the Higher school of Economics. And because the issue was considered resolved, to raise not going about it more than once told President Vladimir Putin. But Siluanov argues: without this unpopular step of the pension system balance.Without a decision on retirement age we will not pass with this level of the pension system, we don't go on the sustainability of the pension system, " he said.Siluanov didn't say how exactly, in his opinion, raise it. But hinted - say, in the Crimea men and women retire at 60 years (in Russia - women 55 years of age, men with 60). That is, he would like only women "to punish". Earlier, the Finance Ministry has repeatedly stated that men and women should retire at the same time. Read more -->

In Syktyvkar kindergarten fined for the skull of a goat

In Syktyvkar kindergarten fined for the skull of a goatKindergarten in Ezhva district of Syktyvkar a fine of 30 thousand rubles after the children dug in the sandbox skull of a goat, informed the district Prosecutor's office.The incident occurred on April 30. Information about this appeared in the media, the public Prosecutor's office requested the experts from the regional offices of the CPS to arrange inspection.During the inspection found violations of sanitary and epidemiological legislation. The educational institution has imposed a fine of 30 thousand rubles. Head of kindergarten received disciplinary action. . . Read more -->

"Chelny beast will die in prison

The struggle of the citizen of Uzbekistan for commutation of sentence ended in nothing. The verdict on July 19, this year delivered by the Supreme court of Tatarstan with the jury remained unchanged - life imprisonment and compulsory treatment of attraction to the young.Recall that in February 2013 in Naberezhnye Chelny on the way home from school missing 8-year-old Vasilisa Galitsin. Within a few days the girl was looking for the police, emergency and army of many thousands of volunteers.Immediately after arrest the suspect Farrukh Tashbaev showed the place where I had hid the body of the murdered girls. A native of Uzbekistan first confessed everything. But then he retracted his confession, saying that the police, he was tortured and forced to incriminate themselves.Knocking for themselves jury, Tashbaev hoped to receive his truth. But ordinary citizens decided that he was guilty of the rape and murder of a small child. Read more -->

Note adoptive father. 98-th size

Note adoptive father. 98-th sizeI was about 6 when I started thinking about where babies come from. I did not believe in the storks and cabbage, and advent children was a mystery to me. I am now almost 36, I know much, and recently I had a son. I very long to find him. And found. Read more -->

Grandma's pies

Grandma's piesNo one has managed to escape from grandma's hungry. For them we are the most thin and undernourished grandchildren on Earth, no matter how old we are, and in what country we live in. All grandmothers from Africa to Australia consider it their duty to give us tasty. And we have them love it very much.The photo Gabriele Galimberti "Delicatessen with love" is an international Manifesto grandmother's love and care. Having visited 58 countries, the photographer captured grandmothers before cooking and delicious results of their work.Before the trip the grandmother of Gabriel Galimberti, which inspired granddaughter on this photo shoot, put him "in the track" his favorite ravioli.Country: Armenia. Dish: tolma (stuffed grape leaves)Country: Haiti. Read more -->

Charity on cost and schedule

Charity on cost and scheduleIn a typical Agreement that is concluded between the Director of the Foundation for the children of the future" Ange Davletova and parent, stated that "the philanthropist" reports "Fund" donation "voluntarily and without compensation for statutory purposes, but "according to the annually approved by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation cost estimates". For those who don't quite understand what it means donations "estimate", quoted the following paragraph: "the charity undertakes to transfer... funds in full or in equal installments over the 12 months prior to the 20th of each month and by agreement of the parties "donation can be increased or decreased".Well, "the enumeration in June, July and August takes place in may-June, i.e. ahead of time. And in case of failure of one of the parties from further such cooperation "shall immediately report the change in their intent," says the compiler of this document for potential volunteers. In General, the good must be guaranteed. Read more -->

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