Ex-wife Basharova told who gave birth to a son

Ex-wife Basharova told who gave birth to a sonLisa Basharova, which had suffered a lot due to change her star husband Marat seems to have finally found happiness. December 7, 2012 ex-wife Marat Basharova gave birth to a child, but the father's name was not called. In secular circles than once gossiped about the fact that the father of the child was Marat Basharov. The thing is that Basharov winter rented the house next door to ex-wife and daughter. And in the summer of 2012 at the Moscow film festival, where a woman appeared in "interesting position", all said that Marat whole evening hanging around her and zagovorschitski she smiled.Recall, Marat and Elizabeth were not formally married, their marriage was blessed by the Imam, in 2004, Elizabeth gave birth to Bacharova daughter Amelie, and in 2009 they parted for the novel Basharova with Tatiana Navka. Now Basharov realized what a mistake he made and I would really like to return to his former, but not destiny: Liza new family and the child. Read more -->

Guseva of "House-2" threw the baby for shopping in Milan

Guseva of Yesterday was the final of the contest "Miss Air Charm, won Eugenia Feofilaktova-Gusev. Valerie Masterco, runner, was unhappy with the results. She has long occupied the first place, but at the last moment everything changed, and the winner was Eugene. It was immediately accused of unfair victory.The competition was held in three stages. In the first and second stages undisputed leader was Valerie Masterco. Changed all the third stage, in which Eugene was the last and was able to control the vote (for example, per day could send the nn-th number SMS), so Eugene and began to lead with crazy margin.Michael Terekhin not believe in the victory Guzevich. Read more -->

Vera Brezhnev showed itself in childhood

Vera Brezhnev showed itself in childhoodVera Brezhnev showed what it was in childhood. Nostalgia it evokes the 1st of September. "When I went in first class))) parents and students with 1m of September!!! Ensure a smooth and successful school year!!!))" - wrote Faith in his microblog.Pictured little Faith looks serious eyes on the photographer. Girl, shot on black and white film, very charming. It easily discern the features of one of the most beautiful singers on the national stage and cinema.September 2, Brezhnev sends his eldest daughter Sonia in 7 th grade. "And we have a school uniform already bought, and stationery, beautiful diary too)) ready for school))! 7th class waiting for us! "Everything should be no rush"!!!))" - wrote Faith earlier in his Twitter. Read more -->

Basketball UNICS Kazan lost the second match 1/4 finals of the League Lokomotiv-KubanKAZAN, may 16. /ITAR-TASS/. The basketball. VTB United League. 1/4 finals. The second match.UNICS /Russia, Kazan/ - Lokomotiv-Kuban (Russia), Krasnodar/ - 65:77 /22:20, 17:20, 12:18, 14:19/.Account series - 0-2. Read more -->

Four people, including a baby, were killed in an accident in Tatarstan

Four people, including a baby, were killed in an accident in TatarstanThe message about the tragedy in Chistopol district received 11:40 GMT.According to preliminary data, the driver of the car Lada Kalina went into oncoming traffic and crashed into a car VAZ-2109.The victims became four people, including a child. Another man was injured and hospitalized. . . . . Read more -->

In Tatarstan the pair of dolphins was born a boy

In Tatarstan the pair of dolphins was born a boyBack in October we all rejoiced that in Naberezhnye Chelny was born Dolphin. Gender could not be determined immediately, and only recently it became known that it was a boy!This is the third "child" in Naberezhnye Chelny Dolphinarium: the kid has two older sisters, Indie and Cindy.The boy has not yet been given a name, but it is important that his name was on the letter "I" on the first letter of the name of his mother Inga. To help come up with a name for the Dolphin can be anyone. For this you need to register your option on the address delfinariy-chelny@yandex.ru. . . Read more -->

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