73-year-old Tina Turner married: wedding details

73-year-old Tina Turner married: wedding details73-year-old Tina Turner marries. Her lover was 57-year-old music producer Erwin Bach. The pair have been acquainted since 1985, and live in love together for about 15 years.The celebration will be held next Sunday in Switzerland, on the lake in Zurich - in the house where Tina with her fiancГ©. According to other sources, the wedding party for family and close friends Tina and Erwin will be held by a pair of a Villa on the French Riviera, the newspaper notes "Week". Wedding invited many eminent persons, among which the group Sade, Oprah Winfrey, David Bowie, Eros Ramazzotti and many others.In the early 1970s, Tina Turner became a Buddhist. And now the star asks that guests arrive at your wedding ceremony in white outfits. Read more -->

56 years ago took place the wedding of Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti in Mexico

56 years ago took place the wedding of Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti in MexicoSophia Loren and Carlo Ponti In one of the may evening 1950 Sofia dined in the company of friends. Suddenly approached her servant, was invited to participate in a beauty contest and gave the girl compliments of one of the members of the jury - film producer Carlo Ponti. Of course, hearing this loud name, Sofia could not go on stage. Giving the girl his card, he offered her the next day to drive him to the Studio. The editors found a useful website where written about it in more detail. Noticing it is not only beautiful, but also talent, he sent the girl to the National Academy of cinema. Read more -->

UEFA will not migrate match LES Rubin - Chelsea in Kazan

UEFA will not migrate match LES Rubin - Chelsea in KazanThe decision to hold the match of the quarterfinal round of the Europa League between Rubin Kazan and Chelsea in Moscow final, said "f-Sport" in the press service of UEFA.Monday was held in Kazan meeting of fans of the sports clubs in the city, which was discussed home match "ruby" against Chelsea on 11 April in Moscow. Fans have stated that they intend to send in UEFA letter with a request to hold a meeting of the football teams in Kazan."The match will take place in Moscow at the Luzhniki stadium and will start at 20.00 local time. The heads of the clubs have been notified about this decision last week. It is final and will not be revised," said the press service.On Thursday it became known that a special Commission UEFA decided that the climate and the condition of the pitch at the Central stadium in Kazan cannot guarantee optimal conditions, and decided the match in Moscow.Two previous home match of the Europa League against Spanish club atlГ©tico de Madrid and Levante Rubin also held in "Luzhniki". The group stage matches, the last one in November, was held in Kazan. The first quarterfinal match against Chelsea will be held April 4 at the stadium Stamford bridge in London. Read more -->

Diary of a dad of a boy. Loaf

Diary of a dad of a boy. LoafNot far from our house runs a small river. Twenty minutes of walking, and then consider bypassing to the most convenient access to the marshy banks. We Egor quite often go there: there is quiet and peaceful, no cars there, the hike there is no unity with nature. And Yegor just crazy from all areas, even from such small, and the contemplation of divergent circles from a stone thrown into water is one of the favorite activities of the son... to List the reasons for a long time, I called you a basic. Read more -->

BOO "Mother of Kazan" exhibition "the World of childhood - 2013"!

BOO "Mother of Kazan" exhibition "the World of childhood - 2013"!1. RUNNING CRAWLERSATTENTION!CHECK WITH PASSPORTSFrom 10.15 to 10.45 at the stand of "Mother of Kazan!on may 18. 11.00-13.00.Venue: Demonstration area.Children's age group:1. to one year;2. from 1 to 1.4;3. from 1.4 - 1.8;4. Read more -->

We have a very good relationship," says Svetlana. For me, my husband is the greatest pride and victory

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