The child in the orphanage manages the budget of 100 thousand rubles a month

The child in the orphanage manages the budget of 100 thousand rubles a monthHow many are actually in Russia orphans, to say probably not, no office. There are different accounting systems and different life situations. Well here's an example - the child mom and dad died in a car accident. The children immediately took custody of the grandparents. Formally, the children are considered orphans. But they live in the family, with relatives.General figures that will help you imagine how many children we have, as they say in the papers, "left without parental care". Read more -->

In Kazan because of two hanged fifth grader

In Kazan because of two hanged fifth graderIn the village of Kinderi Soviet district of Kazan 13-year-old took his own life in the Day of Victory.The tragedy occurred about 18 hours. Teen night, I told my parents that he was going to feed the dog. Some time later, alarmed by the absence of the son's parents found him hanged in the garage on a dog leash, said assistant head of the Department of the TFR in the Republic of Andrey Sheptytsky.Medics arrived on the scene, attempted resuscitation, but despite their efforts the boy died.According to preliminary data, the child was raised in a wealthy family and studied well. However, shortly before the tragedy he received a two and in this regard, even hid his diary from a classmate.In fact suicide begun preliminary examination, the results of which will be a procedural decision.This is the sixth case of suicide of adolescents in the Republic for the last two months.source: kazan-times. . . Read more -->

In Kazan last week were born in the Dominican Republic, Sembel

In Kazan last week were born in the Dominican Republic, SembelFrom 4 to 10 July in Kazan born 432 child (211 boys and 221 girls). The age of the youngest mothers 17 years old, and the age - 41 years, the official portal of city hall.Leaders among the names that parents have named their children were: Amir, Artem, Karim, Victoria, Arina, Alina, Diana, Samir.The most rare name: Raihan, Tikhon, Salim, Ramsel, Sembel, Adrian, Dominican Republic.For the same period in Kazan was married 283 pairs.Source: Komsomolskaya PravdaRelated articles:breastfeeding! - Yakov Yakovlev, pediatrician, K. M. N.. . . Read more -->

January 25, Tatiana free to visit Kazan zoonotic

January 25, Tatiana free to visit Kazan zoonoticIn Tatiana's day, January 25, Tatiana and students in residence will be able to visit Kazan zoonotic on preferential terms.So, full-time students have the opportunity to visit zoonotic for 60 rubles with a valid student ID. Tatianas enough to show the document proving the identity, reported in tobetsu.Everyone is waiting for a free tour - gathering groups near cash tomotada at 11: 00 and 14. . . . . Read more -->

RT large families provided in the property 17 thousand 922 land

RT large families provided in the property 17 thousand 922 landAs at today in Tatarstan from large nationals accepted 21 429 thousand applications for land. Kazan made 4 thousand 261 statement on the Embankments Celam - 2 588 thousand.According to the Department of land resources Ministry of land and property Tajikistan, Tatarstan, given Kazan and Naberezhnye Chelny in the cadastre supplied 22 772 thousand land. In the Tajik capital registered in the cadastral records 1 952 thousand land in the City - 2 306 thousand.Only 43 municipal districts of Tatarstan, Kazan and Naberezhnye Chelny for families with three or more children, shared ownership 17 th. . . . Read more -->

Women can get 2 days off in the critical days

Women can get 2 days off in the critical daysState Duma Deputy from the LDPR faction and the candidate in mayors of Moscow Mikhail Degtyarev submitted to the Parliament a draft law according to which women will be able to receive compensatory time off in critical days. A day off "sick" can last 2 days per month, and women will be able to determine the dates, RIA "Novosti". The employer shall pay such weekend employees."Often the pain of the beautiful half so intense that you have to call the ambulance. Many women find that the monthly pain knock them for a few days out of the rut. Therefore, scientists gynecologists consider menstruation as not only medical, but also as a social problem," said the MP.If this law is passed, in Chapter 19 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation appears article 126.1: Monthly additional paid leave women with a diagnosis of dysmenorrhea" (this is the diagnosis involves "critical days")."To get the day off, ladies need to determine the date two calendar days within one calendar month when the employer must release them from work. The absence of women in the workplace must be paid at the expense of the employer," says Degtyarev. Read more -->

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