Daughter Konchalovsky 9th day in a coma

Daughter Konchalovsky 9th day in a comaWe already wrote that the daughter of Andrei Konchalovsky Maria Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky seriously injured in the accident in France on 12 October.The girl was not wearing and suffered most of all. To deliver in the hospital of Marseille had on the helicopter. Already 9 days she is in a coma.And exactly 25 years ago, on 12 October 1988 passed away mother Konchalovsky - writer Natalia Konchalovsky.Andrey was driving a rented Mercedes, the blow was so strong that both machines turned into a heap of twisted metal. Konchalovsky on the track is not lost control. Passengers of the second car - two 80-year-old French - concussions. . Read more -->

Video: boy humiliated at the Kazan school

Video: boy humiliated at the Kazan schoolIn one of the Kazan school teacher mocked in school, it is reported by the TV station "Ether".It should be noted that to resolve conflicts and monitor the emotional state of the students called the school psychologist, but often his work is to conduct numerous tests. As a result, students not receive.Psychologists say that the mental state of children in the first place should take care of parents.Earlier, the portal reported that in Tatarstan during the five days ended with a teenager 4. . . . . Read more -->

A week in Kazan 499 born babies

A week in Kazan 499 born babiesFrom 7 to 13 November in Kazan 499 born babies - 266 boys and 233 girls. The age of the youngest mother was 16 years old, and the age - 45, the official portal of city hall.For the same period in the capital of Tatarstan married 194 pairs. The young bride and groom turned 19 and 18 years.Leaders among baby names this week were: Timur, Artem, Cyril, Matthew, Amin, Anastasia, Karina, Milan. . . . Read more -->

Olga Shelest named her Muse

Olga Shelest named her MuseTV presenter Olga Shelest first became a mother on 8 November. She gave birth to a daughter of his elect - Director Alex Tishkina.A pair of long dreamed of children, and finally their long cherished desire was fulfilled. Olga until recently led an active life and now feels great.How to tell a close friend Olga Anastasia blue, new parents decided to name her daughter an unusual name Muse.By the way, the son of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin also got an unusual name is Harry. The boy was named in honor of Harry Potter, which was similar Maxim in his youth. . . Read more -->

In Kazan zoo brought three white tiger cubs

In Kazan zoo brought three white tiger cubsIn our Tamotsu replenishment, albeit temporarily. Visitors who these days look in an indoor enclosure with monkeys and amphibians, suddenly see among monkeys and snakes... the cubs! Three cute kitten (not red, and white with black stripes) sit in a cage behind the glass and stare at people, and those watching rare in Tatarstan guests.White Bengal tigers were developed by scientists specifically for zoos. So three cubs, all their bright, brothers, were born in captivity - their parents live in Tbilisi zoo in Georgia. Five tigers there, "not afford", so the kittens will go to other Zoological gardens. A reloading point for them was Kazan. Read more -->

Sobchak harmed daughter Maxim Vitorgan

Sobchak harmed daughter Maxim VitorganMaxim Vitrogen after marrying Ksenia Sobchak became a popular character in various tabloids, and his career rapidlycame up. Ksenia meanwhile changed its attitude towards children, which is still quite called 'the little sadeniemi".To the children of her husband Sobchak also a special otnoshenie. He loves her, but didn't like strangers, especially to syslocate with them. As you know, from marriage to actress of the Theatre, Victoria Weerberg Maxim of Vitrogen had two children - daughter Pauline and son Daniel. They are now 14 and 17 years respectively. Daniel sometimes receives from the Pope a good clip, but Pauline is absolutely hassle-free. Read more -->

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