The family of five was nearly burned to death in her home in Laishevo region of Tatarstan

The family of five was nearly burned to death in her home in Laishevo region of TatarstanIn Laishevo region of Tatarstan in one of the houses almost burned the whole family: the parents and three young children.First aid to the victims came from employees of private security, which, while on patrol, noticed heavy smoke coming from the Windows of the wooden houses. Staying close to housing, police heard the cries for help, but the gate was closed from the inside. Then the eldest of the group of detention climbed over the fence and opened the gate. In the yard at the time was a woman with frightened children 8 and 13 years.According to her, as she screamed, none of the neighbors came to help. The question remained whether anyone in the house, the hostess replied that her husband is now trying to find a 7-year-old daughter, remaining inside. Police on the radio called firefighters and senior police Sergeant Rafael Eruslanov rushed into the house in search of the child.As described later, the master of the house, he woke up around 23.30 from heavy smoke. Read more -->

Meladze left all the property to his wife and daughters

Meladze left all the property to his wife and daughtersValery Meladze despite the status of exemplary family man left the family. In a happy marriage Meladze lived for 18 years.47-year-old singer is already in 2012 lived in private rented apartment, leaving the house to his wife and three children. Storm on the field of family well-being one of the most charismatic Russian artists came three years ago. Even then, Irina, which 15 years was sharing her husband with his work, began openly to declare her friends that is not going to be lonely, being officially married. Love Valeria and Irina broke on endless touring lack of star charts.A few years Valeriy Meladze was able to cleverly hide privacy from prying this skill in show business has not for everyone. But the time came when the artist still confessed that really is not so smooth, as stated in the official interview. Read more -->

In Kazan presented double-Decker buses that will ferry visitors

In Kazan presented double-Decker buses that will ferry visitorsDouble-Decker buses can be seen today in the city centre. Unusual buses were introduced on June 20, were adopted and are now ready for the carriage of passengers.The bus will be exclusively a tourist function. Among the first passengers came and mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin. The mayor decided to try a new transport.No sooner had dvuhetajnyi" to go in the first flight, as the transport was attacked by questions enthusiastic residents of Kazan.We have now in Europe? So cool! And when you can ride. Definitely I will go, " I heard journalists from the street.Tour duration one hour covers the historical part of the city's Old-Tatar Sloboda, Moscow Kremlin, literary Museum quarter, the Bank of the Kazanka river, Liberty square, Bauman street. In a way he will make 10 stops.Kazan after Mostovoi was 101 city in the world that is served by an international company City Sightseeng shipping wordwide (leading international tour operator dalgakiran).The capacity of the bus 55 seats, including a specially equipped room for the disabled. Read more -->

Overhaul and creation of additional groups in kindergartens Kazan will provide places for 580 children

Overhaul and creation of additional groups in kindergartens Kazan will provide places for 580 childrenOverhaul and conversion of the existing educational institutions in Kazan will provide places in kindergartens 580 children. This was announced during today's business Monday, the first Deputy head of the Executive Committee of Kazan Azat Nigmatzyanov.In Kazan in addition to the construction of new kindergartens being renovated these educational institutions. So, work is underway on 5 sites: the streets Bolotnikov, Sorge, Hadi Taktash, Spartakovskaya, Agronomy. The program also provides for the placement of additional groups in the existing 9 kindergartensв„–в„–212, 157, 402, 88, 376, 381, 59, 233 and 399. It is assumed that this will allocate an additional 580 places for children.Repairs and additional groups within the respective program is allocated 97.6 million rubles. In the above-mentioned institutions are roof repairs, upgrading utility systems, interior and facades. Read more -->

The paparazzi photographed Zhanna Friske on a walk

The paparazzi photographed Zhanna Friske on a walkZhanna Friske received chemotherapy in new York and flew to Los Angeles. Paparazzi photographed Joan while walking with her helper.Jeanne has changed outwardly, but it does not matter: the doctors ' prognosis is very optimistic. Physician singer Thomas K. stated that chemotherapy and drug treatment have yielded positive results and the need for surgery will not occur.However, the treatment of the disease may last for some time: Janna required constant supervision of doctors and rehabilitation. . . Read more -->

In the Dolphinarium of the City was born Dolphin

In the Dolphinarium of the City was born DolphinThe happy event occurred on October 17, but to talk about it in the Dolphinarium decided just now. The floor of the new resident of the city not to determine it will be known in about a month.The mother of the kid, 20 years Inga, feels good. To cope with a newborn helps her friend Taffy. Just dolphins so accepted. The first month of life Dolphin does not sleep at all, so the adults connect to help my mom, so that was able to restore power. . Read more -->

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