Kazan zoonotic today gave animals for children

Kazan zoonotic today gave animals for childrenThe feast was held in the Kazan zoo. Specially for children organized a massive entertainment, where everyone could manifest itself in all its glory. Who is faster all will run the distance, dressed for the belt in the bag? And who will train more water? Whose team will pull the rope? The kids, from diapers playing with iPads, were in raptures from the traditional Tatar entertainment that have roots in antiquity. They excitedly ran, jumping, competing with each other - and, of course, for his efforts received prizes from sponsors of the event. Juices, snacks and... small furry kids! Their specially bought for the occasion.The delight of the kids simply no bounds. Read more -->

In Tatarstan rainy weather will remain

In Tatarstan rainy weather will remainAccording to the forecasts of Tatarstan weather, tomorrow night and day places on RT thunderstorms are expected during storms of short - term gain northeast wind gusts of 15-18 m/sec On the whole territory of the Republic of possible rain in some areas and strong. At night and in places are expected fog with a visibility of 500 m or less.The air temperature at night will be 8-12 degrees Celsius in the daytime - from 14 to 17 degrees in the South, to 19 in the North.In Kazan during the night the air warms up to 10-12 degrees above zero, in day - to 15-18.On the night of 11 September also rain is expected. . . . . Read more -->

Zhanna Friske showed fresh photo after birth

Zhanna Friske showed fresh photo after birthSoon the son of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev will be 2 months. And singer vengeance is enjoying motherhood, walking along the waterfront with a little Plato, breathing fresh air and even refused all services of nannies. The artist was published and to publish their fresh pictures in Facebook.One such singer posted the other day and signed: "THANK you all for the kind words and support.. Appreciate! See you soon!" - encouraged by Janna their fans. "Young, beautiful and happy mother. Jeanne, you are super!" - come to the delight of her readers. Read more -->

Christmas recipes

Christmas recipesIn this article we will tell you about the most popular Christmas recipes for children. Sure that you will agree with us that most new year's recipes are intended solely for adults, because in its composition have such harmful for the child's body products such as mayonnaise, spices, marinades, etc., So this article will focus solely on healthy dishes Christmas menu. New year's eve party that we want to tell you, designed to prepare them with the children. The kids will be interesting and useful to participate in the preparation of the new year table. Selecting the best Christmas recipes for this article, we have taken into account such important indicators as the cooking time Christmas dishes, food availability, originality. Cooking our Christmas recipes quick, easy and affordable.Christmas recipes. Read more -->

The woman actually gave birth in a dream

The woman actually gave birth in a dreamSarah Pearson from the English town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, so soundly asleep that he had overslept the start of contractions. When he awoke, she told her boyfriend Graham Smith that it does something strange. In this 25-year-old girl, for the first time became a mother, was absolutely right - five minutes parents saw the child's head.A few hours before the birth of Sarah, the students of the arts faculty of a local University, have begun to move away water. She went with Graham in the hospital. There she was examined and sent home. The doctors said that deliveries will begin soon, and was told to come back in 24 hours.Sarah and Graham came home and went to bed, but sleep was short. Read more -->

Causes of pathologies in newborns in the first place are social factors - the Ministry of health

Causes of pathologies in newborns in the first place are social factors - the Ministry of healthParticipants held today, the final meeting of the Main Bureau of medical-social examination of the RT Ministry of the Russian Federation raised the topic of the growth of disability among Tatarstan's children."If among the adult population in General on the results of primary and repeated examinations, the decrease of the main indicators of disability, the results of the examination of persons under 18 years of concern," he said in his report to the head of the Main Bureau of medical-social examination of Tajikistan the Ministry Bolt Nizamov.He noted that in recent years in Tatarstan, an increasing number of children, aimed at medical-social examination and the number of children registered disabled. So, in 2013 primarily examined a little more than 9 thousand children, which is 3.2% more than 2012. Of them with disabilities recognized 7916 people. For the first time, the survey was sent 2130 children, secondary 6880 people. The category of "disabled child" was initially established 1947 children.The level of primary disability among children in the Republic amounts to 26.6 per 10 thousand child population. The highest levels of primary childhood disability in Tatarstan observed in Menzelinsk, F., Muslyumovo and Alekseevsky areas.In the structure of primary disability among children in classes of diseases on the 1st place are congenital anomalies, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities, followed by diseases of the nervous system, and on the 3rd of mental disorders and behavioral disorders.Its report 1st Deputy Minister of health of the RT Sergey Osipov dedicated to the prevention of childhood disability. Read more -->

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