Nikolai Nikiforov: it is Expected that by 2018, 70% of Russian citizens will receive state services in electronic form

Nikolai Nikiforov: it is Expected that by 2018, 70% of Russian citizens will receive state services in electronic formIn 2016 the world Olympiad in Informatics can be carried out on the territory of innovative satellite city "Innopolis". This was announced today by Minister of communications and mass communications of Russia Nikolai Nikiforovitch of Telecom and mass communications of the Russian Federationist about permanently Nikiforov, speaking at the session of RT Ministry of Informatization and communications of the Republic of Tatarstan in Kazan. The meeting was attended by President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, Minister of Informatization and communications Roman Shaikhutdinov, representatives of ministries and departments of Tatarstan...This is an incomplete text of the news. . . . Read more -->

The money question

The money questionThe arguments which lead some parents:it does not make sense - the child can't spend all parents should buy him yourself;- too much attention to money matters - will be greedy, covetous;- if you regularly provide money will become capricious, spoiled, do not learn to control his desire; not making does not know the value of money, will not appreciate given;- to carry money now just dangerous; why do we need the extra problems (in the best case - the envy of other children in the worst - take or, God forbid, beat and so on).Arguments for:- the child needs to feel a complete person, because everyone has the money: my mom, dad, older brother, classmates;- let the student independently and responsibly to spend and calculate your budget; make mistakes, so under our supervision and with low losses; learn to anticipate the consequences of their actions - not going to risk in adult life;- if you do not give - experiencing negative emotions, can develop the envy of other children, greed, pereotsenimaya the power of money; it is not excluded at first small, then larger, theft, etc.As you can see, opinions on monetary issue can be diametrically opposite. And solved it in each family will be on their own. Perhaps to make the right decision will help some of the information from this field of education.At what age should give the child money for small (and then not very small) costs?There are two points of view: or when he learns to count them, or from the moment of entering school. Even though it is often these two moments in a child's life match!How to determine whether you have to give him some money to spend at their discretion? Ask the toddler-preschooler from time to time to go to the store. Don't forget if he could take delivery, can be calculated issued money to get charged for the purchase? If you think he is not yet ready for independent expenditures, explain why refuse. Tell me, what is worth learning how to get what you want. Read more -->

IKEA has recalled children's lamps after the death of a child

IKEA has recalled children's lamps after the death of a childReason for revocation lamps were two cases in Europe, when one-year-old children are entangled in a network cable lamp. Both times, the children dragged the cord from the lamp in the crib, and in one case the child died of asphyxiation.In a message on the website of the Russian branch of IKEA owners lamps "ADDITION" and similar lamps are asked to ensure that the child can't reach the lamp housing and the cord, which should be located at a minimum distance of one meter from the crib or playpen. The cord must be securely attached to the wall." In a similar message on the website of the American IKEA users lamps offer to contact the company to obtain devices for fastening the cord to the wall.In the current directory of the Russian branch of the company's wall-mounted lamps "ADDITION," no. Ceiling lamp "ADDITION SOL", is present in the directory, shall not be withdrawn.According to the Agency, worldwide sold about 23 million wall lights "ADDITION"". . . Read more -->

Kids computer games

Kids computer gamesI would like to talk about children's online games are now a lot of them, and how to choose those that will not hurt the child, will not bring harm to the beloved baby, and will take, well, quite nice, if there will be an educational nature, to contribute to the development of the child.But how to motivate your child to play games useful for its development? Turns out to be easier than we think - we need a game in which the main characters will be the beloved cartoon characters of your baby. Mine, for example, my daughter loves the cartoon "Masha and the Bear", to be honest, I'm very happy looking at this cartoon together with daughter.What was our joy when we found the game Masha and the Bear at the website http://mult-games.ruThe game is no less colorful than the cartoon, child, not just watching the adventures of heroes, but he takes an active part, while studying to work puzzles, decorate on a computer pictures, be considered. . . . . Read more -->

"Ruby" and "Rayo Vallecano" cannot agree on the transition Dominguez

General Director of "Rubin" Andrei Gromov third day is in Madrid, where he leads the negotiations with the leadership of the "Rayo Vallecano" about transfer of midfielder Alejandro Dominguez. Argentina, according to "Sport-Express", is ready to return to Kazan, but clubs can not solve the question about the conditions of the transaction.This is an incomplete text of the news. . . . . Read more -->

First points

First pointsSo that the world seemed beautiful, sunglasses does not necessarily have to be pink. Sometimes it is enough that they just были.lbomsochi.ruHow to explain to the child that he will have to wear glasses? How to convince to wear them? Because children's world is cruel. "Wearing glasses" and "four-eyes" is probably the most harmless that you can about yourself to hear the first time, those who yesterday so diligently with parents choosing the most beautiful and best in the world frame."You have me now, Professor," say loving mother, anxiously sending a child the next morning in the garden.- I'm a Professor, " cheerfully and proudly repeat shining son, head held high and smiling mother."Well, you freak! Four-eyes-glasses - will meet the children in the group. They are not to blame that react this way."No, I'm a Professor," with tears in his eyes, tries unsuccessfully to argue the child. "You don't understand: I'm a Professor, Professor, Professor - will repeat it like a mantra all hush, whisper and only for themselves.В© Cinemagraphic Ann Street Studio for Armani. . Read more -->

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