To not get cancer, doctors advise to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits

To not get cancer, doctors advise to eat more fresh vegetables and fruitsMore than 14 thousand new cases of cancer were identified in last year Tatarstan oncologists. It's almost 3 percent more than in 2012, said today at a press conference timed to the world day against cancer, Deputy chief physician of the Republican Oncology center Kamil Shakirov.At the beginning of 2014 on account of oncologists with a diagnosis of "cancer" is more than 80 thousand people. Every 47th resident of the Republic."But this does not mean that people are more likely to get sick. Just to detect tumors were more frequently. People live with cancer for longer. Marked stabilization of mortality from malignant neoplasms. This is good," said Kamil Shakirov.Speaking about the structure of morbidity, Deputy chief physician of the Republican Oncology center noted that occupies the leading position skin cancer. In second place is breast cancer, the third - colon cancer, the fourth - lung cancer on fifth - prostate cancer and the sixth - gastric cancer.According to Kamil Shakirov, all these localization can be detected early, and today's technology. For example, in 2013 in Russia implemented a state program of universal health care for the population.The cause of cancer is not known exactly. According to Professor of the Department of Oncology and surgery, medical Academy of Ilgiz gataullina, it affects not only our behavior and attitude towards their own health, but also how and what we eat. "There is a wonderful saying where I was born there and came in handy. If its to paraphrase, you can say to not get cancer, you need to eat familiar foods grown in our band. Researchers found that with the emergence in our diet of fresh vegetables and fruits gastric cancer was diagnosed less. Favorite youth fast food is harmful for the human body", he added.In case of any suspected neoplasms, you must consult a specialist. Over the period of implementation of activities of the National cancer program in the Republic of Tatarstan, in 2010-2011, created a cancer cluster. Formed a complete technological cycle of cancer care: early detection, diagnosis, treatment. The procedure for routing patients. On the basis of health care facilities primary health care created 70 Oncology rooms and 6 primary Oncology departments. In addition, upgraded material-technical base of the Republican Oncology center and a number of medical organizations primary health care. In 2013 in the Oncology center commissioned the Centre for positron emission tomography. Completed the creation of the Department radionuclide therapy.In addition, women need each month to host a breast self-exam and once a year to visit a gynecologist. The doctor should take a swab from the cervix for cytological studies on the subject of hidden diseases and cancer of the cervix and send it to the laboratory. After some time, you need to know about the results of this study. Men starting from the age of 45, it is necessary once a year to visit the doctor-urologist with the delivery of the blood level of PSA (prostatespecific Anthena, an early marker of prostate tumors).

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