Circus brothers zapashnyh will show Kazan rooms, not having analogues in the world

Circus brothers zapashnyh will show Kazan rooms, not having analogues in the worldFrom 22 June to 21 July in Kazan state circus will be touring Circus brothers zapashnyh. Today, world-renowned trainers, people's artists of Russia Edgard and Askold zapashnye said during a press conference organized jointly by the brothers Circus zapashnyh, Kazan state circus and IA "Tatar-inform", the audience will be presented with one of the best programs of the Russian circus.The last time the brothers zapashnye were in Kazan 5 years ago. This year the performance will be held in the days of the Cultural Universiade. The Kazan audience will be presented with a unique program, some rooms which have no analogues in the world."In our program are the best artists who have awards from different competitions, titles. We strive to maintain the reputation and reinforce, to strengthen it. We successfully went on a number of competitions, none of our artists is not without rewards, they become the winners of various international competitions, world Championships. We do not have the right to lower the bar, the whole world watches us, and we support quality," said Askold Zapashny.In the Circus brothers zapashnyh employs more than 100 people, of which 70 artists. During the program you will see different animals and white Siberian tigers, African lions, macaws, horses, dogs.Kazan viewer will show a unique and dangerous attraction "Among predators" under the guidance of the brothers zapashnyh that are twice Champions of the Guinness book of records. Can be seen and a number called "Jump riding a lion" performed by Askold ZAPADNOGO, which was listed in the Guinness book of records.Shows and equestrian attraction "Hellas", which has no analogues in the world, during which will be presented several circus genres: juggling, pas de Deux, stunts, acrobatics on horseback and not only. The program presents a variety of performances of trapeze artists, acrobats, jugglers and, of course, clowns.Brothers zapashnye told that in order to keep yourself in good shape, the circus will be stable to exercise at one of the gyms Kazan. "This is a big part of our team who lack physical activity. Tonight I'll go to the gym, waiting for us there," said E. Zapashny.Speaking about the incidents that happen in the circus, he recalled the case of a stolen Bicycle to bear. E. Zapashny joked that wishes good luck to this "rider" as the structure of the paws of the bear's special, and to ride this bike rather difficult. Trainers noted that animals, like artists, are also under strain during a speech in public and then relax and feel the satisfaction.Zapashnye also told that spoke negatively about the fact that during the Universiade in Kazan will act not of the Russian circus, and the canadian Cirque du Soleil. The leadership of the Republic and the city did not leave it unattended, and in a short time were organized touring Circus brothers zapashnyh in the days of the Cultural Universiade."We will try to show the participants of the Universiade our circus in all its glory," said A. Zapashny. Speaking about the Kazan circus trainers noted that he has long been in need of repair."This circus we need to add a couple of acres, so you can make a huge aviary outdoors, to allow people free to enjoy these animals to see how they rest. In fact, in our circus there are animals that are not in your zoo", - shared his opinion E. Zapashny.Answering the question about the treatment of animals, he said that the employees of the Circus brothers zapashnyh are primarily defenders of animals, caring for them like no other, Recalling that in circuses and zoos survive those species that in nature often become extinct. Trainers also admitted that he would like to give her the white lion, who could not settle down in the circus, the Kazan zoo, if it will be good conditions.In the final press conference brethren zapashnye brought on a leash and without a muzzle on the arena Kazan circus tiger named Martin. They began to play with it like a kitten, putting a hand to his mouth, kissing and tickling his stomach. To meet my mother a journalist came 3-year-old resident of Kazan by the name of Samir.

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